I'm Jocelyn Schade - Creator of the Method to the Madness Planner. I have big dreams, a curious mind + a rebellious streak that always bit back at the first hint of structure. For years, I tried adopting endless methods for goal setting, organizing my thoughts + ideas without blowing past the beauty of the now, but nothing really worked for me or I didn't feel good doing it. So, I created my own.

The Method to the Madness Planner makes space for contradictions, messiness, changing minds + moods, but still has just enough structure to move you closer to what you truly want - on your own terms. Inspired by the idea of the Mad Ones with the desire to live fully and as themselves, this planner guides you based on what is truly important to YOU so you don't get lost in the to-dos + should dos + miss all the magic. I hope you love it + I can't wait to see what you bring to life.